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Top International Hospitals and Medical Professionals

Genolier Patient Services is a network of Swiss private hospitals serving patients from all over the world. As a destination for medical tourism, we employ premier medical professionals, many of whom are world-leading doctors within their specializations. At every facility, we boast a luxurious medical infrastructure with state of the art medical technology and medicine.

Our trip coordination staff work diligently to facilitate a comfortable stay for every international patient. They are trained to answer your question quickly and provide you with actionable information or advice.

Your dedicated coordinator will ensure follow-up with you and lead you to the most appropriate specialist, according to your medical needs and treatment plan. Click here to know more about our specialties.


International Medical Trip Planning

Ensuring quality care and patient well-being is our highest priority.

Genolier Patient Services is recognized worldwide as a network of private hospitals offering cutting-edge medically advanced treatments. Through our global reputation as a leader in medical care, we regularly serve patients from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and other places across the world.

Our modern infrastructure and leading medical personnel further distinguish Genolier Patient Services for our sophisticated medical treatment and comprehensive patient care.

Genolier Patient Services is not limited to a doctor consultation or surgery. To show our value for each patient, we provide a personal medical coordinator to assist guests through the logistics related to experiencing medical treatment abroad. Your caring team will also advise you on the best choices of physicians and clinics to address your needs.


From arrival to departure, we want Switzerland to feel like home.

Your Medical Coordination Team

Your coordination team will be composed of multilingual and multicultural professionals, ready to respond to your specific requests. This support team will:

  • Provide you with the initial offer, intermediate adjustments, and the final invoice statement
  • Assist with visa application
  • Create a personalized medical program according to your situation, preferences and needs
  • Advise you on the best choices of doctors and clinics for your unique situation
  • Organize translation services upon request
  • Respond to all queries during any stage of your treatment
  • Provide transportation services to and from the airport, as well as to other destinations throughout the duration of your visit
  • Schedule surgeries, consultations and medical follow-ups
  • Ensure a personalized and timely follow-up, from the beginning to the end of your stay
  • Deliver a comprehensive final medical file that is carefully prepared to include the documentation from every physician involved in your treatment as well as any laboratory results or radiologic images

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